lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

do not change

People make you think how ur supose to be...
well its not!!
we are joung...we r supose to drink too much, we are supose to have bad attitude and shake each others brains out.
we are desinge to party!
this is it!
yes... we overdose or go mad but Charles Darwin says: you can´t make an omelette without breaking a few egs
and thats what is all about... BREAKING EGS!
and if by egs I do mean get crazy on a coctel or steal a car... thats it.
if you can just see yourself...
it breaks my hurt... you are wearing cardigans!!!!!!!!!
and we had it all...
we were fuckt up bigger and better than any other generation that came before us, we were soo beautiful!
we are shit.
im shit.
and i planned to be shit until my late 20... maybe even my early 30
and i´ll shug my own father before i let people take that away from me.

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